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Full Spectrum, inclusive & culturally affirming care; rooted in traditional teachings

You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

I am passionate about inspiring families to discover their unique path to autonomy

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My name is Janice and I am a Full Spectrum Advocate and Photographer. I was born in the Philippines, grew up on Turtle Island in a settler village known as Richmond, BC, and my ancestry is Chinese. I currently live and work on the traditional and stolen shared land and territories of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ speaking peoples, including xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) and sc̓əwaθən məsteyəxʷ (Tsawwassen). I’d love to get to know you more and invite you to contact me for a free initial meeting to discuss my services further and answer any questions you might have about your upcoming life event.

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Basically, Janice is magic. .. She was warm, informative, knowledgeable, & thorough. She was great at including my husband & preschooler in conversations & instilled confidence that we were in good hands. As well, she was skilled at presenting options and ideas & was completely non-judgemental around any of our responses. I really felt like she wanted to help understand who we are as a family so that she could support the experience as we wanted/needed. . .She is so calming & reassuring & did an awesome job of making me feel completely supported & of helping me be focused. Her presence instantly changed the dynamic to one that felt way more manageable. I had several people present, & Janice was awesome at keeping everyone calm & directly gently, as needed & desired, so that everyone was able to fulfill their roles well. I know sometimes people worry that having a doula will “take away” from the job of the partner or other support person & I can say definitely that it didn’t – instead it made my support people feel better able to do their jobs.

baby and mom, skin to skin during golden hour after birth
Julia Urquart

What can I say.. Janice is a wonderful strong woman. I was one of those mothers that couldn’t figure out my plan on how I wanted to give birth. I think our family went to 3 differant hospitals in the lower mainland and we just didn’t feel comfortable in all of them (I dont know why, maybe the environment). Our family ended up reaching out to our community Health Supervisor and she informed us that we should try Midwifery and seeking out a Doula. Being 7 months pregnant, I was beginning to feel desperate and nervous (Not good for the baby). I gotta say.. the first visit with Janice just lifted all of my worries away. It wasn’t that blan hospital setting or any rush involved with her. She came to my home for the first visit and her deminer was sweet, calm and collected and I knew we needed her by our side for the big day. After all of the visits with the Midwives and Janice (Doula) my family and I came to the conclusion that the best place for giving birth to our son would be at home. Finally when I reached full term we figured out our plan. Janice was keen to helping with that and ensured us all of the ways we can make this a safe and comfortable experience. She gave us tips and tricks and she really was a friend to me and my family. When the big day finally came, and my water broke. I remember feeling shocked and not knowing what to do so I texted Janice first before my midwife (or any other family)  and asked what I should do.Before any of this I already jumped into my tub thinking that would sooth my nerves but Janice kindly informed me through text all of the health hazards that may cause for the baby as my water was still coming out; and how glad we were when she let us know right away.  As the hours passed and the contractions got worse, too painful for me to bare anymore, Janice was over in a flash. She was finding any way to keep me together, comfortable and nourashed as I struggled through the pain. Thank you for everything Janice

Maryanne Adams

We had such a wonderful experience working with Janice! From day 1, she offered a warm energy and was very informative, supportive  and caring all throughout my pregnancy and delivery. She truly made us feel like we were her family and helped my husband and I really come together throughout the experience. During my labour process ( which lasted a few days ) she came to visit checking in ensuring i could stay at home as long as possible as i wished. She was the perfect balance of assertive and caring and reminded me of my goals , allowing me to have a positive birth experience. Post partum, she checked in with us & baby and made sure we were all doing ok ! 100% I’d recommend chosing Janice as your doula! Even my husband ( who was super skeptical when i said i wanted a doula) Tells everyone they need a doula now and how great Janice is ??


Melanie W

We had a great experience with Janice! As second-time parents, we needed support during the birth and postpartum instead of prenatal support. Janice was great at accommodating our needs. She is gentle and respectful and we are so glad she was there with us!

Anthe Hara

We cannot thank Janice enough for being a great support throughout my pregnancy.

We love the prenatal meetings with Janice where we learned a lot of what to expect both physically and emotionally, and we came to have a clear picture about what kind of birth we truly wanted.  We decided to have a homebirth.  And Janice’s presence made us feel supported and reassured. It was invaluable to not only me but also to my husband.  Having Janice around brought us peace of mind.

We are very glad that we chose to have a doula and to have Janice be the one. She is everything we wanted, only more than we expected.

Emily Ho